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Craft Cannabis Genetics

Hi-Elevation Genetics

Hi-Elevation Genetics is a craft and quality forward generational family-owned seed bank with a catalog that is the result of the visionary efforts of a seasoned cultivator and genetic preservationist known as "Shapeshifter". With a journey that spans from formative years to seasoned expertise, this individual has dedicated over 40 years to the meticulous development and refinement of his collection cannabis genetics and rare mutations.

  • Yes, the ratio is always good, at least over 90%, because they've been cold-stored the whole time and we always screen them for sprout rates before release. We've had good rates with batches over 8-10 years old over the years, The biggest mistake in any long-term storage is to keep them at room temp, or higher. Germination methodology is also important, so we highly recommend using the paper towel method. Seeds may take anywhere from 24-168 hours to sprout. Sometimes the seeds will need to be CAREFULLY cracked if they don't pop within the first 72 hours. Please email us if you have any questions about our germination methodology or are having issues germinating, we are happy to help you!

  • Yes, most of the genetics within this seed bank are highly resistant. this is due to a multitude of reasons, most being epi-genetics and tons of culling of susceptible plants. this seed bank has all been bred at 4000' elevation, where temperature extremes must be tolerated as well from below 32 degrees Fahrenheit to above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with sunup to sundown exposures. these stresses in general just make stronger plants, even things like wind can result in stronger stalk and stem genes. I would also like to add that any serious grower these days is going to have ongoing IPM protocols, but it is interesting how way back when pests and for the most part mildew were unheard of and not a problem at all. pest and mildew problems vary accordingly to local conditions and all manner of indoor conditions. 

  • From the very earliest days, herms were routinely destroyed and for obvious reasons, the whole plant and even parent stock were also destroyed. no matter how good a line is, if it carries that gene, it is not worth messing around with. With plenty of lines that have never expressed it, even under stressful conditions, as breeding stock you never see any herms in anything, feminized included. 

  • Almost everything in this collection is surprisingly homogenous, as kinds that didn't breed true were discarded. Despite the claims of "stabilized cultivars" made by many breeders, there isn't such a thing unless time and effort were taken to painstakingly select for phenotypic traits for at least 5 or 6 generations of inbreeding without outcrossing, and even then phenotypic diversity will occur as the result of so much outcrossing in the past 20 years or more. there are still lines that are somewhat pure (at least there were) that can give a more predictable outcome. 

  • Both. Since they have been outdoors for many generations with normal seasonal photoperiod schedules, they do fine outdoors in almost any environment and since they've been acclimated to higher elevations they do well at higher elevations and even better in the milder climates and valleys. I've seen many indoor grows that did extremely well with these seeds over the years, but I've had really bad experiences with doing indoor seeds outdoors. it seems that the unnatural photoperiod involved indoors can in time alter the time clock of the plant (photoreactivity) almost permanently, but with a lot of work and time, it can be reversed. 

  • "Sativas" were all that there was originally, for one reason. but I think I chose to work with them mostly because they weren't popular like indica and hybrids. due to all of the hybridization going on and seeing the depletion of Sativa's from the scene, preservation became very important for me. and because I smoke to get the cerebral effect, not the body buzz. we all have diverse cannabinoid receptors, different minds and bodies and everyone is free to find what works for them. although what we have in this collection is mostly "Sativa", we have a fair amount of "Indicas" that would make almost everyone very satisfied. 

  • I guess just an innate profound interest in all things natural. as a little kid, I spent as much time as possible outdoors, going as far and wide as possible observing and marveling at the awesome glory of gods creations. To this day, (I'm 65 now) I still spend my whole day outdoors, and I am still awestruck by the natural world. The magic of DNA and the mechanisms of gene recombination became an obsession at a very early age. I was saving food seeds, propagating trees and plants, and breeding animals all before I ever saw a pot plant at age 12. I have spent many years breeding and raising wolves and wolf hybrids, bison, specialty working dogs, wild boar, domesticated pigs, and hybrids of the two. Nothing is more exciting than selecting a puppy from a litter that you had planned for years. or planting some new plant variety you created and the anticipation of the outcome. So when weed came into my life, I took and ran with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions



What Sets Our Seedbank Apart

Our Foundations

Drawing from self-guided education and insights gleaned from a limited body of knowledge in earlier years, our founder has been an instrumental force in shaping the evolution of these extraordinary plants.


Breeder of Freakshow Cannabis Strains

Story of Shapeshifter

The story of the creation of this seed bank is infinitely complex and multi-faceted but here you will find a brief summary of its history and what it consists of today. As the words from Shapeshifter: Most folks can tell just by looking at the list that our primary interest has always been in "Sativas" (tropical and subtropical origin) or narrow leaf varieties, but just for the sake of variety and diversity, there is plenty of "Indica" (Afghanica) influence in the collection as well as some indica dominant cultivars in the mix. Suffice it to say at this point that I devoted a lifetime (from my teens to my 60s) to the improvement of this cannabis genome, mostly self-taught but I have read and learned from others extensively along the way, (Although there wasn't a hell of a lot written on the subject in "the day").



The creation story of Freakshow gives an example of what goes into gene manipulation on a cultivar, and the same type of dedication went into the rest of the seed bank. Anyways I have always had a seed library including all kinds of food crops and have always kept improving it all for well over 4 decades. there is nothing in the bank at this point that doesn't meet up with my full approval and satisfaction and I am highly discerning, to say the least. It should be noted that ruthless culling of varietals that fell short was ongoing, mostly because you have to but also because the collection simply got too big and was thinned out by over 90% on several occasions. Even now it would take another lifetime to go through and grow out everything here. So I've decided to start releasing this lifelong project to other aficionados of the world to enjoy and hopefully keep line breeding and selecting the work I've done thus far to continue the preservation of these now rare and hard-to-find genetics. and enjoy you will!



There is something for everyone in here, but in particular, there is an ominous choice for those who are into very "heady", higher THC, creativity, and idea-inducing, terpy, old-school tropicals. Along with traits like exotic aromas, rare terpene profiles, cannabinoid levels, phenomenal effects, bud structure, calyx ratios, trichome density, shorter flower times, and pest and mildew resistance were constantly selected for. And more, much more details on all of this are forthcoming as I get around to writing it all down and I look forward to laying out all the details for those who are interested.  An awful lot can be said about my selection criteria and breeding regimens, but i'm thinking let's just let the cannabis speak for itself. And, as in the past, the positive feedback loop is where the real payoff is for me.

Hi-Elevation, Higher Standards: Cultivating Quality Beyond Peaks

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