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Hi-Elevation Genetics Seedbank is an established and profound leader in cannabis breeding, rare mutations and strain development.

Home of the mutant

Freakshow Strain



Our ultimate gratification stems from witnessing the positive feedback loop that results from sharing our meticulously curated genetics. Witnessing our genetics flourish in the hands of fellow enthusiasts perpetuates a cycle of admiration, cultivation, and appreciation.

+ Feedback Loop

freakshow strain

Beyond genetics, our seed bank represents a labor of love dedicated to safeguarding rare and elusive genetics for future generations. Our ethos involves passing on our legacy to like-minded enthusiasts who share our fervor for preserving and cultivating these strains.

Preservation Passion

Every strain within our collection is a testament to the ceaseless dedication, continuous learning, and meticulous refinement that have shaped its genetic makeup.

Excellence in Dedication

An ardent dedication to refining and culling our collection echoes our commitment to providing our patrons with a refined assortment of exceptional genetics.

Selective Cultivation

Our curated selection resonates with the diverse spectrum of cannabis genetics. By thoughtfully integrating Sativas and Indicas, our collection offers a comprehensive experience catering to varied preferences and discerning tastes.

Celebration of Diversity

The intrinsic characteristics of each strain take center stage. Our philosophy hinges on allowing the inherent qualities of each genetics to shine, minimizing interference and amplifying their natural attributes.

Letting Nature Shine

Our Difference

Hi-Elevation, Higher Standards: Cultivating Quality Beyond Peaks

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